Pampering treatments from all over the world

We are happy to also offer you very special treatments upon request at the Schalber Wellness Residence. Look forward to perfect wellness pleasure at our SPA!


Please contact our staff if you are interested in one of these treatments or have any questions about our offer. We are happy to help you in person at the spa reception desk.



Treatments upon request

  • Lomi Lomi massage more

    Hawaiian sacred temple massage with long, linking strokes. Special attention is paid to the joints of the arm, shoulder, hips, knees, and feet. The lower-arm massage technique creates an intensive relaxation effect.

    80 minutes of indulgence € 135,00
  • TCM massage more

    TCM massage is a combination of different modes of therapy in traditional Chinese medicine, also called holistic medicine. Different massage techniques are used, including acupressure, Shiatsu and Tuina. The technique positively harmonises the energy pathways and meridians, while also addressing the physical body with joint manipulation, stretching and massage. The treatment has effects both for health and for life energy. Great for the body's movement apparatus, and for remedying pain.

    80 minutes of indulgence € 109,00
  • TCM combo massage more

    Part of the classical TCM massage. This massage also focuses on your individual needs.

    50 minutes of indulgence € 71,00
  • Polynesian massage with foot soaking ritual more

    The Polynesian massage is a pure relaxation massage addressing the back and the arms. These parts are massaged piece by piece with a hot coconut oil mixture and orange aromas. A good massage has positive effects for the musculature, metabolism, immune system, circulation, and therefore the entire body. By mitigating excessive nerve, muscle and mental tension, you can find a rapid recovery to a state of wellbeing and restored ability. Massages can also reduce pain and mitigate insomnia. After this massage, you will also be treated to a luxurious, relaxing foot soak.

    50 minutes of indulgence € 89,00
  • Singing bowl massage more

    The vibratory power of the singing bowls can bring about a deep, intensive relaxation. So that you can fully enjoy your treatment, we recommend you wear light, comfortable clothing.

    50 minutes of indulgence € 85,00
  • Connective tissue massage more

    A special reflex zone massage which stimulates the connective tissue. This massage is especially beneficial for migraines, circulatory maladies, or respiratory illnesses.

    50 minutes of indulgence € 71,00