Far Eastern relaxation "For him and her" -

29.06.-21.07.2018 & 18.08.-14.10.2018


Body, mind and soul are in good hands

Put one over on everyday life and indulge yourself with wellness at its very best. We have a customised selection of special comfort packages just for you. Regain lust for life, and all that for a sensational price


7 days including Schalber fell-good pension

Choose your favourite programme: "Deluxe beauty week" or "Far Eastern relaxation"


"For him and her" - Far Eastern relaxation

"A person can be labelled as healthy when their physiology is balanced, and when their soul, senses and spirit can find continous, balanced inner happiness", according to Ayurveda doctor Sushruta 500 BC.


Discover the feeling of complete balance and relaxation for yourself with:

  • Abhyanga
  • Mukabhyanga
  • Garshan
  • Upanaha Svedana
  • Padabhyanga