Massages which do good

Allow yourself to be thoroughly kneaded! A classic massage at the Wellness Residence is beneficial to your body and soul. Give yourself up into the professional hands of our massage specialists and feel pampered! Choose from our large selection of various massages …


Put your trust into our well-trained hands!

Classical Massages

  • Full body massage more

    This treatment facilitates blood circulation throughout the whole body, thereby affecting the removal of toxins. In addition, muscle tension is balanced out by utilising special massage grips.

    50 minutes of indulgence € 65,00
    Additional charges apply for massage with Alpienne oils € 5,00
    80 minutes of indulgence € 99,00
  • Partial massage more

    Ideal for tension in the neck and back, or for tired, overused legs. Individual regions of the body can be relaxed in relatively short times, thereby harmonising the entire body.

    25 minutes of indulgence € 38,00
    Additional charges apply for massage with Alpienne oils € 5,00
  • Manual lymphatic drainage more

    A pleasant, gentle massage technique to stimulate the circulation of lymph and facilitate intensive detoxification. The lymph system is the pathway of life in the human body.

    50 minutes of indulgence € 68,00
    80 minutes of indulgence € 102,00
  • Face, neck and décolleté lymphatic drainage more

    Stimulates the circulation of lymph through the face. Ideal for couperosis and swollen eyelids

    40 minutes of indulgence € 58,00
  • Combo - "Bath & Massage" more
    • A relaxing bath with an additive of your choice
    • Well-being body massage, 50 minutes
    2 pax, 110 minutes of indulgence € 169,00
    85 minutes of indulgence € 93,00
  • Foot reflexology massage more

    Helps to activate the entire organism. The foot can be seen as the mirror of the body, and commonly pained areas of the sole of the foot may indicate functional problems of internal organs. Such problems can be improved using foot reflex zone massage.

    50 minutes of indulgence € 65,00
  • Wellness massage more

    This is a full body massage with relaxing essential oils. Give yourself over fully to the great feeling of relaxation.

    50 minutes of indulgence € 65,00
  • Combined massage more

    This is an ideal combination of a back massage and a foot reflex zone massage. It harmonises tensions in the back, then activates the whole body.

    50 minutes of indulgence € 65,00
  • Head massage more

    This treatment harmonises tensions throughout the head. Perfect for stress headaches, migraines or other tensions in the head.

    25 minutes of indulgence € 38,00
  • Abdominal massage more

    A pleasant chance to free yourself of nervous stomach and intestinal maladies, menstrual cramps, breathing difficulties, feelings of constriction in the chest, or chronic tension in the chest muscles from chronic coughing.

    25 minutes of indulgence € 38,00