Facial treatments

Allow yourself to be pampered with great face treatments during your spa holiday in Tyrol! Exquisite body care products and professional treatments by our well-trained staff let your beauty shine to its fullest.


SOTHYS Facial Treatments

  • Sothys basic treatment more

    A facial, neck and neckline treatment, specially devised for your particular skin type. Features a velvety peeling, a relaxing massage and a care pack suited to your individual skin type.

    55 minutes of indulgence € 72,00
    85 minutes of indulgence € 93,00
  • Hydroptimal treatment more

    The last word in facial treatments, "Hydroptimal" replenishes your skin’s moisture reserves. Experience a genuine moisturising bath for your skin. Your tissue will become firmer as your skin becomes smoother.

    85 minutes of indulgence € 108,00
  • [C] Collagene Anti-Aging more

    This combination of active ingredients which has been specially selected by Sothys promotes cell regeneration, reduces the size and depth of wrinkles and also firms and smoothes the contours of your face. See how your skin clearly takes on a more youthful appearance and win the battle against the marks of age!

    85 minutes of indulgence € 118,00
  • Special eye treatment more

    This treatment smoothes fine lines and softens wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes. The tissue is decongested, causing it to relax. This treatment can be carried on its own or as part of a facial treatment.

    Available during a facial treatment € 36,00
    25 minutes of indulgence € 43,00
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Ligne St Barth

The laboratory of cosmetic production of LIGNE ST BARTH is located on one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean: St Barthélemy. The skin care products of ST BARTH are exclusivly manufactured on this island and contain all the active ingredients of the plants, fruits and flowers of the Caribbean from which they are extracted. Their texture and fluidity have a natural affinity with the epidermis. Every ST BARTH product complies with the international regulations of the cosmetic industry. They are PABA free, not tested on animals and approved by dermatologists.

  • St Barth "Purness" - Facial treatment more

    Experience this extraordinary gentle treatment for face, neck, neckline and hands. Enjoy the fresh fragrances of natural elixirs which recall a colourful basket of Caribbean fruit. Quality plant-based care products with natural vitamins and minerals have an intensely purifying effect and stimulate the skin’s own regulatory functions.

    55 minutes of indulgence € 90,00
  • St Barth "Freshness" - Facial treatment more

    Enjoy an intensely relaxing facial and neckline treatment with a hand massage. The effect of the quality plant-based care products with natural vitamins and minerals is intensively reinforced by the freshly prepared fruits. As a special extra, a nurturing hand massage with the fragrance of Bourbon vanilla, exquisite lily or Caribbean tiaré petal rounds off the experience of well-being.

    85 minutes of indulgence € 128,00


!QMS is a unique treatment, an active cosmetic that helps soluble collagens penetrate deep into the skin. This helps the skin to retain moisture and stimulates cell formation.

  • !QMS - Facial piccolo more

    Try our treatment and discover the famous instant !QMS effect! In next to no time, your skin will gain intensive moisture and appear vibrantly fresh.

    55 minutes of indulgence € 82,00
  • !QMS - Facial classic more

    Specially designed for dry, dehydrated and damaged skin. Collagen to store moisture, two special masks, and a relaxing massage to improve elasticity and vitality. You will be delighted at how fresh and vibrant you look after this sensational beauty treatment.

    110 minutes of indulgence € 153,00
  • !QMS - Oxygen treatment more

    The optimal symbiosis of the energy and power of oxygen, and an efficacious !QMS anti-aging concentrate. We efficiently and effectively combine these two components, immediately reducing the
    appearance of wrinkles, firming and structuring the contours of the face, and effectively improving and minimalizing age spots on the skin.

    110 minutes of indulgence € 188,00
    85 minutes of indulgence € 158,00
  • !QMS - Neo-Tissudermie more

    This luxury face-lift treatment generates energy and firmness from the inside. The tissue structure is improved, resulting in firm and velvety skin, as soft as a peach.

    85 minutes of indulgence € 133,00
  • !QMS - SK-Alpha more

    For smokers, people with circulatory disorders or wan skin, this powerful treatment revives and purifies. The appearance of the skin is intensively refined and smoothed.

    55 minutes of indulgence € 98,00
  • !QMS - Combo - "Beauty & Soul" more

    A firming !QMS piccolo facial treatment and skin-customised make-up.

    85 minutes of indulgence € 102,00