Science of long life

The goal of Ayurveda is to achieve health by addressing balance and harmony of all the forces residing in the body.

In our marvellously relaxing wellness and spa facilities, top-qualified personnel offer luxurious, personalised oil cures and massage techniques to clarify the mind, strengthen the nervous system, and spoil the body with vitality and beauty. We recommend a 15-minute visit to the Ayurvedic "Svedakarna" steam bath after each treatment.


Ayurveda Treatments

  • Garshan - The silk gloves massage more

    This full body treatment stimulates the metabolism and circulation by the use of gloves made of raw silk. At the same time, the treatment exfoliates the skin and balances electrical charges.

    25 minutes glove massage, 15 minutes oiling & 10 minutes peaceful introspection € 80,00
  • Padabhyanga - A well-being treatment for your feet more

    An extremely beneficial massage which treats the reflex zones from the soles of the feet to the knees with warm oils. This technique has an energising effect on the whole body. Remember: your feet have to carry you throughout your life.

    40 minutes, including head massage and 10-minute peaceful introspection after € 80,00
  • Combo - "Ayurveda" more
    • Abhyanga
    • Garshan
    110 minutes of indulgence € 168,00
  • Abhyanga - The classic full body treatment more

    The literal translation of Abhyanga is "anointing". In this treatment, the body, head and face are massaged with warm sesame oil. Abhyanga stokes the body's heat to bring about a detoxifying and vitalising effect. The treatment has a rejuvenating effect on the skin and the circulatory system, strengthening the musculature and harmonising the nervous system.

    70 minutes of indulgence & 10 minutes of peaceful introspection after € 123,00
  • Mukabhyanga - The head, face and décolleté massage more

    This massage nurtures the skin while calming and mollifying all types of anxiety and worry. This gentle massage works on the face, head, neck, and décolleté area with unique grips and high-quality sesame oil. You can expect an extraordinary, deep relaxation.

    40 minutes of indulgence & 10 minutes of peaceful introspection after € 80,00
  • Upanaha Svedana - The Ayurvedic back treatment more

    This Ayurvedic back treatment helps release the musculature, create well-being, and harmonise the body and mind with special massage grips.

    40 minutes of indulgence & 10 minutes of peaceful introspection after € 80,00