Ladies by themselves

At the Lady or Women’s Spa, you will find:


Infrared cabin

temperature: 30 °C-37 °C

time of use: ca. 10-30 minutes


This “heat penetration from the inside out” is very well tolerated and has a number of positive health effects, such as strengthening the immune system, relaxing muscles or cleansing the skin.


Brine grotto

temperature: ca. 45 °C

time of use: ca. 15–20 minutes


360° virtual tour: Brine grotto


In the Himalaya salt stone grotto, finely dissolved seawater brine is atomised and thanks to the addition of pure ethereal eucalyptus and mint extracts, an additional cleansing and care effect on the entire respiratory tract is achieved.


Herbal/rose petal bath

temperature: ca. 55 °C

time of use: ca. 20-30 minutes


360° virtual tour: Herbal/rose petal bath


Herbs placed over the oven are moistened with water at regular intervals. The resulting increased air humidity and the pleasant aroma of the herbs wrap you in a relaxing warmth experience. The subtle herbal steam has a positive nurturing effect on the skin and respiratory organs.