Here is where you can find peace and quiet

Here is where you find peace and quiet, where the 5 elements of life - wood, fire, earth, metal, and water - are combined in delicious harmony, and here you will discover what the Romans have discovered a long time ago:


There is no greater pleasure than to indulge in revitalising fragrances and herbal baths.


In our sauna and relaxation areas, you can experience all possible ways to enjoy water, warmth, and well-being. We have a lot of space for tranquillity!


Sauna world

1. Herbal steam bath

2. Rock sauna

3. Brine grotto

4. Tyrolean sweatroom

5. Ice grotto

6. Quiet zone

7. Japanese steam bath


8. Mystic room

9. Stainless steel relax whirlpool

10. Plunge pool - open-air area

11. Sauna lounge

12. Panorama sauna

13. Panorama relaxing room

35. Makeover & Styling

36. Infrared cabin