Special massages - Source of new vitality

Very special treatments devised to meet your own personal requirements. Pleasant, uplifting and relaxing, all at the same time. High quality oils add to the effect and are a source of new vitality.

Special Massages

  • Acupunture meridian massage more

    This is an Asian massage practice based on the principle of energy flow in the body. The therapist uses the body's meridian system to balance the flow of energy in the body with acupressure.

    50 minutes of indulgence € 71,00
  • La Stone therapy more

    This treatment from America is performed using carefully selected vulcanite stones. The various hot (approx. 55 °C) and cold stones are then placed on the "chakras" (energy centres). The stone placement is followed by a massage from head to toe, bringing the flow of energy throughout the body into balance. La Stone relaxes and harmonises, and offers a new way of bringing the body, mind, and soul into balance.


    80 minutes of indulgence € 125,00
  • La Stone abdominal treatment more

    The La Stone abdominal treatment has harmonising, calming, and balancing effects for the body and soul. This massage uses warm and cool stones on the stomach to treat the points of the body which represent love, fear, sadness, happiness, worry, trust, affirmation, and anger.

    30 minutes of indulgence & 10 minutes of peaceful introspection after € 71,00
  • Pantai Luar more

    Pantai Luar is a wonderfully relaxing massage whose roots can be traced back to the Far East.
    With this massage technique, the body is treated using fragrant compresses filled with fruit
    and herb as well as an extract of plant oil heated to 140 °C. With Pantai Luar, oils and herbs
    are used to intensively cleanse and care for the skin. Cell renewal is accelerated, connective
    tissue strengthened and the skin restored to a youthful firmness.
    Moreover, the heat stimulates blood circulation and reduces muscular tension.

    50 minutes of indulgence € 105,00
  • Shiatsu more

    Shiatsu offers a way of utilising previously blocked vital energy. Shiatsu aims to bring the body, mind and soul into balance, increasing your personal sense of well-being. This Japanese massage technique has a harmonising effect over the entire body. The massage uses the meridians (energy pathways) to apply intensive stimulation, and then creates a relaxation effect with stretching and joint rotation.

    So that you can fully enjoy your treatment, we recommend you wear jogging clothes or similarly comfortable clothing!


    80 minutes of indulgence € 109,00
  • Dorn Breuss massage more

    This method, developed by Rudolf Breuss, is a sensitive energy/manual massage of the superficial "autochthonous" spinal erector musculature, and addresses tensions in the body. The massage is a preparation for the Dorn treatment, which itself provides a functional massage of the back's deep muscle structure.



    50 minutes of indulgence € 71,00
  • Thai massage more

    Thai massage is a therapy with roots stretching back 2500 years to the mountains of Nepal. This massage is a unique combination of gentle movement, rhythmic acupressure, reflexology, stretching and a form of passive yoga. This therapeutic approach is equally well-suited for athletes and for persons with limited mobility.


    So that you can fully enjoy your treatment, we recommend you wear jogging clothes or similarly comfortable clothing!


    80 minutes of indulgence € 109,00
  • Spinal column massage more

    This is a Chinese massage method which opens the Ying and Yang lines, stimulates acupuncture points, and calms the body. The technique is based on gentle kneading along the spinal column. It is a true blessing for anyone suffering from back problems.

    50 minutes of indulgence € 71,00