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Dear guests,

The health and well-being of you and our staff are our top priority. Like everywhere else in our new everyday life, rules now also apply on holiday for the safety of us all. In order for you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, we need your personal responsibility and your help to ensure that we can succeed together, given the wide range of requirements and measures that we implement with full responsibility.
Please support us and adhere to our health and hygiene measures. Protect yourself, your family and other guests by treating them with respect and appreciation - then nothing stands in the way of a relaxing and safe holiday.

In our house, we have adapted some procedures to the applicable hygiene and safety regulations. This applies to rules of conduct, the design of our offers and also to internal procedures.
We would like to briefly inform you about them here. However, as the requirements can change constantly, our measures will be changed and adapted accordingly.

Important: new regulations apply since 15 September 2021:

The validity of antigen tests is reduced to 24 hours:
All antigen tests carried out (including the antigen tests that we carry out as Authorised Bodies) are now only valid for 24 hours.

FFP2 mask replaces the mouth-nose protection again:
Wherever the wearing of a mouth-nose protection was obligatory until now, a FFP2 mask must be worn again. This applies to everyday commerce and public transport.
Unvaccinated persons are obliged to wear an FFP2 mask in all commercial enterprises. For the best possible protection, it is recommended that everyone wears an FFP2 mask.


You will find all important & current information on entry, registration or testing obligations under the following links:

Legal requirements:

Important: We are not an authority and cannot provide legally binding information. All information is provided without guarantee, errors excepted.
Therefore, please always inform yourself in advance at the authorities responsible for your country about the currently valid regulations for entering Tyrol or returning to your home country.

A) Your arrival and departure:

Arrival in Tyrol:
Since 10 June 2021, you only need to register before arriving in Austria if you are travelling from high-incidence and virus-variant areas. You can find more information HERE.

Return journey from Tyrol
you will find an up-to-date list regarding travel information from individual countries.

In any case, for entry you need either:

a) A negative Covid test
(You will need a PCR test no older than 72 hours or an antigen test not older than 24 hours.
Children up to the age of 12 do not need a test. The test must be confirmed by an authorized body. Self-tests are not valid for the purpose of entry). If this cannot be presented, a test must be made up within 24 hours.

The validity of antigen tests is reduced to 24 hours:
All antigen tests carried out (including the antigen tests that we carry out as Authorised Bodies) are now only valid for 24 hours.

b) or a valid vaccination
Since 15 August 2021, proof of vaccination is only recognised if immunisation is complete. From the day of the 2nd vaccination (for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine still from the 22nd day) persons are considered vaccinated.

c) or proof of recovery.
(A survived infection with Sars-Cov-2 entitles the holder to entry for six months from the date of recovery. Proof of neutralising antibodies counts for three months from the date of testing).

We are obliged to verify proof of a low epidemiological risk (test, vaccination, recovery) before check-in. Without this proof, check-in is unfortunately not possible!

The general rule in Austria is that a negative covid test (antigen test not older than 24hours, PCR test not older than 72 hours) or proof of vaccination or recovery is required to enter catering establishments, accommodation facilities, events and indoor recreational facilities until further notice.


For the hotel and catering industry, the obligation to wear mouth-nose protection and also other capacity restrictions were completely abolished, and replaced by the "3G rule".

Anyone who fulfils one "G" can use hotel and catering facilities without restriction.

1. G = Since 15 August 2021, proof of vaccination is only recognised if immunisation is complete. From the day of the 2nd vaccination (for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine still from the 22nd day) persons are considered vaccinated.
2. G = Tested PCR (every 72h) or antigen (every 24 hours)
3. G = Recovered Up to 6 months after infection

According to the current regulations, hotel guests (children from 12 years of age) must provide proof of an appropriate test every 24 hours  (unless they have already been vaccinated or have recovered (6 or 3 month period) in order to be able to use our gastronomic facilities, the wellness and family area.

Free supervised self-testing:

As an authorised body, we can provide our guests with free self-tests, whereby we are obliged to monitor the performance of these self-tests and enter them in the portal "Tirol testet - Leitstelle Tirol". The result is then automatically sent to the guests by e-mail or SMS. In any case, the prerequisite for a free test is your consent to the corresponding data processing. According to the opening regulations, these tests are valid for 24hours.

There are also test facilities available in the town (for a fee) or on the public test roads in the country. You can find more information here.

In everyone's interest...

  • If you feel safer, please feel free to continue wearing a mask
  • Please disinfect your hands regularly
  • Use the disinfectant dispensers & disposable gloves in the buffet area
  • Keep a distance (1-2 metres) from other groups of people


  • MASK DUTY: You, as a guest, will no longer need a mouth/nose protection in our house since 01 July 2021.
    But, we ask all our guests to wear the mouth-nose protection OWN RESPONSIBILITY everywhere where the minimum distance of 1 m cannot be kept.


  • For your best protection, our hotel staff wear mouth-nose protection in accordance with current regulations.Employees who comply with one of the "3-G rules" will no longer need mouth-nose protection from 1 July 2021.
  • Guests should keep their distance in generally accessible areas from other persons who do not live in the shared household or do not belong to the group of guests in the shared accommodation unit.


  • This does not apply if the risk of infection can be minimised through appropriate protective measures for spatial separation.
  • We ask you to bring your own FFP2-mouth-nose protection for you and your children, as this is also needed for activities outside the hotel (use of the gondola, underground, hiking bus, taxi rides), as well as in pharmacies, at doctor's appointments, ...
  • It is also compulsory to wear a FFP2-mouth-nose protection in food retail, supermarkets, banks and post offices and other business premises.

You are welcome to obtain free mouth-nose protection or FFP2 mouth-nose protection at our reception at any time.

  • Plexiglas screens are fitted where necessary
  • Hand disinfection is available in sufficient quantities.
  • Personnel lifts may - without mouth-nose protection - only be used alone or by persons belonging together.
  • In order to shorten contact times at the reception during check-in, please provide us with all necessary registration data (names of fellow travellers, dates of birth) before your arrival. Thank you very much for this.
  • There are no more newspapers/magazines in the hotel and in the rooms.
  • The minibar will only be filled on request.
  • We will be happy to give you a personal copy of brochures about the resort at reception.
  • Please keep your distance.


For gastronomic facilities in accommodation establishments, the general rules for gastronomy apply:

Adults and children over the age of 12 who have not been vaccinated (see valid vaccination above) or have recovered must present a self-test at least every 24hours, which you can take free of charge at our hotel under supervision.

  • Guests should keep their distance from other persons who do not belong to his or her group of visitors when entering and leaving the restaurant up to and from the seat.
  • In the restaurants you will be escorted to your table on the day of arrival. You will keep this table during your stay for breakfast and dinner. External guests are unfortunately only allowed to a very limited extent at present.
  • At breakfast in the restaurant, you will be served all drinks as well as your egg dishes and pancakes to avoid heavy frequency at the buffet.
  • Parts of the buffet are intended for self-service. Therefore, hands must be disinfected and disposable gloves worn before entering the buffet area.
  • Lunch is served by staff and afternoon cakes can be taken from the buffet on your own- HERE please ensure sufficient spacing; drinks are served.
  • We ask that you do not let your children go to the buffet alone.
  • QR codes for touch-free wine and drink menus are additionally available.

Swimming pools, saunas & wellness area

are open.

  • You can enjoy our massage and cosmetic services as usual, in compliance with the applicable hygiene and safety regulations.
  • Our spacious wellness and outdoor area offers plenty of space and freedom and is open for you in compliance with the minimum distance.


  • Our children's club is open in compliance with the official regulations and our childminders are looking forward to welcoming our little guests from the age of 3.
  • Please note that there may be restrictions on childcare, the Fun & Action Area and the children's programme, which are constantly being adjusted.
  • Childcare is only available if you book in advance.
  • Please only bring your child to childcare in good health!
  • All children must wash their hands when entering and before leaving the children's club.

Please note:
All information is without guarantee and can be changed at any time and without prior notice due to legal or official requirements.


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