Informazioni Schalber-Alm Covid

Important information for all Schalberalm visitors:

As a catering establishment we are obliged to check proof of a low epidemiological risk (test, vaccination, recovery) before entry. Without this proof, entry to the Schalberalm is unfortunately not permitted!
It is NOT possible to carry out "entry tests on site" with us!
Therefore, please bring your current & valid 3-G proof with you.

3-G proof or the "3-G rule":
The 3-G-rule means vaccinated, recovered or tested and is required for admission to gastronomy, accommodation, events, attractions.... necessary.

Proof of vaccination must be presented.
Since 15 August 2021, proof of vaccination is only recognised if immunisation is complete. From the day of the 2nd vaccination (for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine still from the 22nd day) persons are considered vaccinated. 

Genesee individuals are exempt from testing for six months after expiry of infection. Evidence includes, for example, a certificate of segregation or a medical confirmation of an infection confirmed by molecular biology. Evidence of neutralising antibodies counts for three months from the date of testing.

Someone is considered tested if there is a negative test result (officially recognised) for the specified period.
Negative PCR test (valid for 72 hours).
Negative antigen test (antigen test not older than 48 hours - !! as of September 15: not older than 24 HOURS !!)