"Schneisenfeger" family coaster

The Schneisenfeger family coaster, a summer and winter toboggan run, ensures great tobogganing fun for the whole family.

The routes run from Alpkopf to the Högsee – the entrance is located at an old timber mill, right beside the restaurant Seealm Hög at an altitude of 1,820 m. From here, you are pulled up high to the Alpkopf, while seated in the toboggan. Already while ascending, you can learn exciting details all about the topic of the timber industry.

On arrival at the top, all toboggan enthusiasts set off on a staged route of 1.5 km, at a speed of 40 km/h down to the new Hög adventure park. You can expect numerous thrilling jumps, 2 spectacular 360° roundabouts (running left and right), 10 180° bends – and all of it at up to 8 metres above the ground.