High in the treetops

The X-Trees-Funzone forest rope park in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis offers plenty of fun for the whole family. Well-equipped and secured, you can explore the treetops on a number of routes to your heart’s desire.

At a height of 14 m, you climb from platform to platform and enjoy the view from above. Artificial obstacles also add to the excitement and challenge your balance and skills. The grand finale is a fast-paced ride with the "Flying Fox" back to the ground. The Waldseilpark, the X-Trees Fun Zone, has over 12 courses with 100 practice exercises across a length of 900 metres. Young visitors also love the bungee trampoline.

Videos from Sport Patscheider & www.x-trees.at:

You can learn more about the X-Trees high-rope course on the X-Trees Fun Zone website www.x-trees.at. X-Trees forest rope course in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis/Tyrol