Let yourself be enchanted!

The outdoor area of the five-star superior Wellness-Residence Schalber Hotel invites you to marvel and dream away. Enjoy a phenomenal view of the picturesque mountain range in the panorama garden, from one of the three panorama pools or from the sun terrace, a view you just cannot get enough of… Sit down at one of the enchanting fountains and let your thoughts wander! A particular place of strength is our Feng Shui garden.


Feng Shui garden: Energy through Feng Shui
Feng Shui is the art of balancing and harmonising the flows of natural energy in our surroundings so that we feel well.


This philosophy teaches that man is able to harness the interplay of natural forces. For example, the qi of mountain and water is so strong as to be inseparable. The same is true of people: Only the combination of wisdom and empathy produces a perfectly balanced personality.


The interaction of the five elements of earth, wood, fire, metal and water regulates the process of natural phenomena. In this case, the elements should not be regarded as actual substances, but as symbols and abstract forces for certain fundamental properties of matter.


  • Wood correlates to the east and is represented by green. The season is spring.
  • Metal is white and sometimes gold. It symbolises the west and represents autumn.
  • Fire is red, a positive colour; fire is also summer and represents the south.
  • Water is black or dark blue. It represents winter and is located in the north.
  • Earth is yellow or brown and represents the centre.