A hiking paradise for nature lovers

A hiking paradise

Lots of our regular guests think that nature has favoured the sunny terrace of Tyrol in terms of its climate, geography and countryside - and we can believe their critical voices.

Here there is a wide choice of hiking trails at three levels, each of which features different and constantly fascinating flora with a more or less Alpine character at a different altitude. Each trail is well signposted so that experienced hikers can easily find their way even without the services of a hiking guide ...

The first level is located 1,400 m above sea level. This is also the location of the three Rhaeto-Romanic villages of Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis. They are all linked to an extensive network of hiking trails which even ordinary mortals can manage. They lead through a wonderful sea of flowers and through the woods on the plateau.

The cableway is the convenient way to get to the second level. This is where numerous mountain flowers - a source of absolute delight for nature-lovers - can be seen in full bloom from the start of the mountain spring around the end of June until late into the autumn.

You can also take the cableway to reach the third hiking level at 2,400 m above sea level. This is the starting point for lots of Alpine mountain tours featuring all of the 3,000 m peaks of the "Samnaun group". Known as the secretive "eyes of the mountains", the deep blue mountain lakes in these parts invite the hiker to stop for a while and contemplate the surroundings. By the way, you won’t be meeting that many hikers in this region now you’re off the beaten track. Here you’re alone with the chamois, the ibex and with the sheep of the Serfaus farmers.

The Schalber hiking and adventure programm offers guided mountain tours with attractive highlights and other unique hiking tours with our guide.
You can borrow backpacks, raincoats and  walking sticks for free.
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Panorama pleasure trail

The easily accessible panorama pleasure trail, suitable for strollers, opens up a breath-taking view of heavenly natural beauty. Take the gondola conveniently up to the Komperdell middle station in Serfaus, then take the wide, well-developed hiking trail in the direction of Fiss to Möseralm without big altitude differences! Along the trail, you have a fantastic view of the very many nearly 3,000 metre summits.

Alpine pasture promenade

A 1.5 km long adventure trail suitable for strollers with 26 stations take you from beneath the Komperdell lift to a storage reservoir located nearby and back to the starting spot. Stations with everyday objects from the lives of earlier generations show the history of development of Serfaus from an extremely poor farming village, through the silver mine, to one of the most popular holiday locations in the Alps.


The smugglers' path tells of the exciting and dangerous life of the smuggler in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.
Coffee, cigarettes, sugar and other valuables were smuggled across increasingly new, secret and dangerous routes from Samnaun in Switzerland to Innsbruck.
And what was the smuggler’s code of honour? And which dangers did they have to contend with?
The smugglers’ path in Serfaus, with information stations, provides an insight into the dangerous life of the smuggler at that time.
One would not want to revive the tradition of smuggling in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, just, however, to remember the fascinating history of the people, the authentic magic of the mountains and the everlasting thrill.